Monday, June 23, 2014

Swallowed up in the joy of Christ!

Fresh Starts


mi familia!!!!
So this week was a little hard. We don,t have anyone that has a date for baptism hoy en dia, pero, don,t despair, have have some good references to contact in the weeks to come and we have some really great investigators that just have a hard time coming to church. But all in all, it was a good week. Do you guys remember the hermana peraza, well she was feeling better and then she felt worse again but guess what,We visited her the day before and she was all bummed because she thought she wouldn,t be able to make it to church because all the people with cars wouldn,t be able to pick her up. But lo and behold...She came to church all by herself... in the convi!!!! What??? She is 80 years old and is going through chemotherapy and she pretty much risked her life to make it to sacrament meeting!!! She is MARVELOUS!! She really just amazes me, everytime that we go to see her all she wants to talk about is the church and Christ and her faith and i just love her. LOVE HER LOVE HER LOVE HER!!! 

 Also something funny that happened this week, we were walking on our way to do some service on friday morning and there was a man sitting in the bus stop, i stopped to talk to him and he preceded to tell me "i am one who kills the people" what??? i thought i didn,t understand at first but when he repeated he said the same thing, and i was thinking, "should i run or what??" and then after that he was tell me how he was bat man and then i was just like... ok, he is joking or is just a little confused.... but it turns out htat he was telling me that he is a bar man, that makes drinks in the bar, not bat man, and that is why he kills the people.... "oh, ok"... funny... then we shared a short message with him and he said we could visit him, he also says he doesn,t drink or smoke so that was good. oh the joy of translating spanglish... gotta love it.


wooo hoooo!!



Mi Familia!

So this week was a good and interesting week, and I have a feeling that this next week will be even better because the 3 nieto girls are getting baptized!!! whoooooo!!!! It was a little bit interesting because their parents will not be baptized but everything seems to working out in their favor. Their gonna be as clean as little baby Liv!!! How beautiful!

I was also wondering what all your favorite animals are this week so if you all could answer this question too! 

So this week I read the talk from Pres. Uchtdorf from this past conference on gratitude and I just love it. Be Grateful! Be Happy! I also read Alma 26:37 and how grateful ammon was for all that he could do with the help of the Lord even though there were many many afflictions for him and his brothers! I love the Gospel! I know its true!

 Hope you all have an amazing week and I love you all more than anything!!!!

 Hermana Taylor