Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Easter!


Mi Familia!!

Como the heck estan todos?? This week was really great! We have an investigator with triplets!!! 3 little boys and she also has a little girl younger then her boys. 4 kids under the age of 2!! wow! We cleaned her dishes this week to help out and can i just tell you that i thought that our family had a lot of dishes to clean at times! whoo wee! but it was fun to clean them, my front side got a little bit wet so i was hoping that nobody noticed... ha ha... only a couple did... 
Anyways, this week we had exchanges with the compacitadoras and it was super great, I met a member whose son was premature, he is 4 months right now and looks like a newborn! so tiny! but she says it was a miracle and now her husband who is catholic is investigating the church!! 
One day this week a doctor waved us into his room and we were all excited that he was wanting to know who we were and everything, turns out that all really wanted was to learn english. I think we will see more of him later and hopefully we can teach him!
The members here are really great and treat me very well, we are finding more and more people to teach through the people we talk to on the street! It is great! We found a family this week!! we are excited!!
That is about it for this week! I hope you have a happy easter!!! I love you all more than anything!!! Love, Hermana K. Taylor

love you all!!!
alma 37:34!

Working Hard


Mi familia!

como esta todos?? 
This week was great! We found a new investigator that has gone through a lot of hard things in her life and she seems golden. She sells juices in the front of her house and she is just so happy. She gave us agua de carrot and orange, it was pretty good!! This week was great! getting to know people and working hard. My casa is beautiful and there are really no bugs at all. My companion has an awesome laugh and she works really hard. Her shoulder reaches my hip. We met a member this week that was baptized 5 years ago and she was baptized within a week of meating the missionaries!! Her name is victoria and she is awesome. Hermana workman who was in my district at the mtc is in my zone!! It was good to see her! The spanish is really coming a long and I am feeling a lot more confident and comfortable with talking and understanding. Another grandpa that we met this week sang my companion a song and it was awesome! Victorias house is awesome, its like a tree house but better! 
General Conference was the best! The north americans got to watch it in english. Its so refreshing and strengthing to hear the words of latter day profets! Do not take for granted, my family, the precious and priceless opportunities that we have as members of the church to recieve direction from a profet of God! I hope that we can all treasure up their words in our hearts and live by them, every day, doing a little better! A typical day is walking around everywhere talking to people that we meet along the way and we have lessons and meet bunches of new people everyday! Today we made french fries which were delicious and we shoped in the tiangis which was an adventure! Hermana Workman was telling me how when I walked into the zone meeting one of the elders was like ¨"that is the biggest woman I have ever seen!!" haha. These pictures are of hermanas in our zone and me and my companion.. so little. I am working hard and loving more and more every week. Love you!!!

Hermana Taylor

Beautiful Views



Mi Familia!!

So yesterday we had changes and it was kinda crazy and I didn´t get to write so i am writing now. My new companion is Hermana de los Santos and she is from the dominican republic!! She is really awesome and I am excited to work with her. She is the shortest Hermana in the mission and I am the tallest so its kinda funny :)
So the drive yesterday was like 4 or 5 hours but it was the most beautiful ride I have ever had!! Really, hills packed with trees as green as can be it was so beautiful! Really sooooo beautiful!! My new area is very beautiful too! We just came from a lesson with an older lady and she sang us a song from psalms and it was really cool. 
I was thinking a lot yesterday in the bus and I was thinking about zions because some of the views i saw reminded me about zions and I was thinking about how the hike uphill makes the downhill parts so much more fun and enjoyable and I applied it with biking too, how when we start at the top its still fun but when you bike up to the top it makes it so much more worth it!! so much more enjoyable! and i thought of how the lord gives us challenges and trials so that we can recognize the blessings he gives to us better and enjoy and cherish them more! So I hope you guys have plans to do lots of biking and hiking this summer!!! 

I love you all more than anything!!!
Hermana Taylor