Monday, September 22, 2014

woopie di doo


MI familia!!

So I do not have a lot of time today but so that you all know... this week was good, my companion is great... and I held a butterfuly!!! 
We have some recent converts that are really excited to make visits with us and it is super cool to see how they bear their testimonies to our ivestigator, very powerful and very real!
I love the gospel. I love that it is true. I am extremely grateful to be a part of it and to share it with others. I am so grateful for repentance and because it is real. I am grateful for the PERFECT plan of  God. I am grateful for change and to know of my Savior Jesus Christ and his perfect love for me.

I love you all so much!!
Hermana Taylor

Dreaming in Spanish


Mi familia!!!

So this week was super great!!! We had two baptisms muy bonitos!! It amazes me how the Lord puts his chosen people into our paths.
We also had divisions this week and so I wasn´t in my area for two days! While I was with Hermana Corbridge I found out that we might be related because she has a lot of taylor ancestors that came from canada! Who knew!!! We also taught a lady that when she prayed she prayed for how much she needed the missionaries to come and how much she needed direction in her life. So my family, there are people out there who need you, search for them!!
I got a new companion today, Her name is Hermana Youshimatz, (and so I will be in this area for another month at least) and she is from China!!... No... I am just kidding, she is from Mexico but her name is sweet though!! It pronounced like Yoshi-mots. So sweet! and she is a sweet heart! I am excited to work with her!! She has 3 months on her missions so almost a newbie!! I´ll learn a lot from her!
So, This week me and my companion were talking about how I was talking in my sleep and she would ask me questions in spanish and I would answer them in spanish!! There was a point in my mission where i never thought I would dream in spanish and lo and behold, I am talking it in my sleep!! The Lord is amazing!!

I love you soooooo much!!
Hermana Taylor

Big Feet!


Mi FAmilia!!!

Esta semana fue excellente!!! We had a baptism of an older lady that is just the best in the whole wide world!! Ever since we have started teaching her she has just felt that it is true and she loves it. She loves God and she loves everything she learns about the gospel. We had a small rough patch in the beginning when she told us she didn´t want to be baptized because her family didn´t like it but we perservered and the Lord changed her heart and the heart of her family so she could be baptized. When she was baptized she kept on saying how beautiful and happy she felt! It was a wonderful day!! Also, one of our recent converts baptized his friend too!! So beautiful, I love the gospel! I know it is true!
There wasn´t much else exciting that happened this week. We are working hard and we see how the Lord is helping us so much!!
I love you all more than anything!!! 
Hermana Taylor 

It is a hand in the ground if you are wondering
a huge centipede
and big feet... they kinda look normal on me though.. haha

Whoop Whoop!


Mi Familia!

So my dear family, this week was great!!
We had a special training meeting with the president this week that was a surprise for all of us. But it was great and as missionaries we learned a lot.
We talked mostly about obedience and how, like it says in 2 nefi 32, Christ was baptized to fulfill all justicia or righteousness and how we need to follow His example in doing that and the only way we can do that is through obedience, exact obedience, there is no other way, there is no other set of steps to take to make it to the celestial kingdom, we have to obey. Needless to say that there were many misioneros arrepentidos after this meeting but it was great. I am so grateful for this commandment to obey, I am so grateful for the safety and security and happiness that it brings (mosiah 2:41). I am also grateful that we can always repent and be totally clean of all of our sins. I have really seen how this works in my mission and I know it is true!! How grateful I am for this knowledge!
Not anything really exciting happened this week, just finding more and more people who accept to hear the gospel!!! Which actually is really exciting :)
I love you all so much and hope you have an excellent week!!
Love, Hermana Taylor

Chilis!!! muy picosas!
and a coke for Jess:)

Friday, September 12, 2014

God's Grace


Mi familia!!

This week was magical! We had a baptism of a man who really has turned his life around and is very animated and excited to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is amazing and will be a great example to his family!
Yesterday an investigator invited us over to eat Menudo, and guess what, I ate Cow stomach. It wasn´t as bad as I was thinking but it was a little hard to swallow in some occasions. I am hoping that no one will invite us over for menudo for a little while...
This week we taught a lesson on Matrimonio Eterno to a couple that is not yet married but will be having a baby. They are planning to be married in november. I testified to them of my eternal family and we felt the spirit really strongly. Eernal family, It is the best thing in the universe!! The sister really felt the spirit and she has the desire to keep learning about the church!
Really, the Lord is putting His chosen people in our path everyday. I am amazed by how many people I have come to know in these past couple weeks that really have the desire to follow God and His son Jesus Christ. Most of them just need a little boost in the right direction and I am so glad to be the instrument to give em that little shove :).God´s grace is real when we do our part!
This week I was reading in Alma chapters 17-19... They are amazing, read them and put them in practice!!
I love you all so much!!!

Love, Hermana Taylor
We had three baptisms in our ward this week!!

A Kiss in the Convi


Mi familia!!!

So this week was great!!! This week we were headed back to our house to drop off a box of book of mormons after a district meeting and we were riding in the convi and a lady enters the convi with a whole bunch of beautiful flowers!! So I told her that they were beautiful and I asked her what they were for. She tells me that she is going to give them to the church. And so I talked to her a little more (she is catholic by the way) and we are just riding along and I invite her to listen to our message and she didn't accept but it was worth a shot, no? Anyways, we were riding a long and we were talking and then she was going to get off. and when she was getting off she leaned over to me to give me a kiss on the cheek first. It was a little awkward but I let her do it, what else was I supposed to do! Thinking back on it, it must have looked a little funny!
And so, It was a great week, we are working hard and learning so much everyday!!
Today we went to a place called Quiroga and it was great!! Ill send some pics. I hope you all have a great week!

I love you!!
Hermana Taylor