Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Glory Glory


Mi familia!!!

This week was super duper awesome!!! We had another baptism and it was the sweetest thing. It was an old grandpa whose wife died a while ago and he says he feels lonley and everything but all he wants to do is do good in the eyes of God. He has told us this every time we have lessons with him and you can really see that that is all he wants to do. How great it is that he can have the gospel now in his life and have a whole family in the church, because that is what we are in the church, a family. How great. I was sitting next to him when the bishop was giving him the welcome to the ward and he started to tear up, so tender and so spiritual. How great it is to be a family!
Today my companion went to sign her visa so I am here in my area with a newish missionera of 2 months and it has been great to be with her for a few days. She is from mexico and she is awesome!!!
I love learning everday and the opportunity to change and grow! I know that if we really rely on the Savior He can change our hearts, not matter how bad we messed up or how strong our habits are in thinking or in whatever thing, He has the power to change us!
I love you all so much!!

Love, Hermana Taylor

Sunday, August 10, 2014



Mi Familia!!!!

It has been an amazing week full of working, learning, and loving!!!
This week we were getting ready to leave the house and we walked out the door after the prayer and right when it shut my companion says, "and the keys??", I had just locked the keys in our house hanging on a hook by the door and we still had one more door to unlock to escape from our apartment complex and none of our neighbors were home. We were trapped. Of course I did the first thing I thought of and prayed that we could find a way to leave our house quickly. My prayer was answered. After brainstorming varios ways to escape we caught the attention of our neighbor across the street and he gave us some tools to get the keys. So we broke our window and we got the keys like they do in rescuers down under! it was great. and we were out of the house within the half hour! (a member is going to help us fix the window today) Ill send pictures. It was a real tender mercy.
Really I cannot express how grateful I am for the things that are happening here in my area. There are miracles everyday!! This week we had a baptism of a 9 year old girl and she bore her testimony after and it was just about the most tenderest thing that I have ever seen! It is amazing to see how Christ works in the lives of these people so that they can accept the gospel and be truly happy. What a miracle!
We had a lot of investigators in church yesterday and there were two that we honestly thought would not come because the wife said she sleeps in until 12 every sunday and 10 every other day and our church starts at 8 (and all my life I thought 9 was horrible... haha) But she and her husband came and participated and it was wonderful and beautiful and  a great day!
Elder Johnson of the presidency of our area came to our church and we also had ward council with him and it was quite interesting and I learned a lot. Something that he said that I loved. We were making our plan misonal of the ward and making goals for every organization for references and when he asked for our goals he said that he likes commitments better than goals. Action people. Action. It is what we need to do. So DO IT!
I have been overwhelmingly suprised by the way that I have learned this week in the good parts and the hard parts. Especially the hard parts, I have really seen how we can turn to the Lord and He will guide us to do the right thing by the spirit. I love the Lord for this. So much!

I love you!!!
Hermana Taylor




Mi Familia!!!

This week was really great! We had 2 baptisms and the chapel was full of their family and of the ward!!! It was so beautiful and I was so grateful to have helped and been a part of it! We are hoping that it will be something very significant and special for their family!
So we will have another baptism this week for another girly and she is really excited and her dad too. We are so grateful to have found her and her dad and her dad is really excited and determined to help her be active in the church and continue learning too!!!
Yesterday I taught a lesson in church about sacrifices that we make as members of the church and how in ancient times the Lord required that people gave sacrifices of their first lambs but now He asks us for a broken heart and a contrite spirit. He asks us for repentance, a willingness to change and to serve the Lord the best that we can. It is amazing to think of the sacrifices people have made to live the gospel but even more amazing to think of the grand blessings that the Lord gives us in return, even life eternal. I hope that we can all be willing to make sacrifices to follow the Lord and have the disposition to do what He asks when He asks us. Also the sacrifice that the King of the Lamanites was willing to give to know God (alma 22:14-18) read it!
Well my dear family, it has been a great week!  We are doing well and our area is definately improving and so it is great!! I love you all so so much!

Hermana Taylor

Super Great!


Mi familia!!!

This week was great! Lots of investigators came to church yesterday and are still progressing!!! We have one new investigator that we went to teach this week that lives up in the hills. He doesn´t know how to read but it is so fun to teach him. He knows a lot of the letters he just doesn´t know how to put them all together yet and he has a real desire to learn to read and to learn about the gospel and to do what is right. He is awesome! We have also used the wood plan of salvation and that was sweet to use with him! Also, he lives up in the hills so when we take the bus it litterally is like a roller coaster and I absolutely love it!!
We also went even further up in the hills where there aren´t paved roads and its totally like an adventure to walk up in these neighborhoods. So great!!
We also have one investigator that has given up smoking for a week now!!! He is awesome! Pray for him and for his wife that she can accept to hear us too!!!
We had divisions this week and I had a gringa compaƱera for one day!!! It was great! Her name is Hermana Christen.
The baptism of Valeria will be this wednesday and I am super excited about that! Their mom is the recent convert that I have told you about!
The work is really progressing here and I am loving working and learning and growing and I am so grateful for all the experiences that I have had. The book of mormon really has the power to change lives if people read it, understand it, and live it!!
I love you guys all so much!!!

Hermana Taylor

Oh the Joy!


Mi Familia!!!

So this week was super great!!! I ate fried flowers, it rained everyday which i always enjoy, we helped a lot of people, we had interviews with the President (by the way, he and his wife say "hi" to all of you) and we feel real good!!!
We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday and we found a new future investigator that already has come to church twice!!!! It was a beautiful day!! We have many investigators that really have the desire to learn and to progress and to repent and to change it is so great!!! We are seeing miracles being brought about everyday! and I am learning so much!

This week I learned more of how important it is to know the doctrine of the church. It is where we find what really is the truth and it is amazing to me how simple and wonderful it is and how fast knowing the doctrine of Jesus Christ, even just a little bit, can change someones life if they are willing to ask with a sincere heart and real intent to know if it is true. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to let this doctrine change me, to let Christ change my heart everyday so that I can be an instrument more able in His hands everyday!
I love you guys so so much!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Taylor

20 years old.... AND LOVIN IT!


Mi Familia!

This week went very well! We found more investigators that have a sincere interest to hear our message and TO BE BAPTIZED!! One is a little old lady that is just the sweetest thing ever. The first time we taught her she expressed her desired to become part of the church, it was amazing! One day this week we decided to eat some tacos for 2 pesos and we ate about ten and then this lady was like, "eat more!!!" and so we did and they ended up giving it all to us for free!! We don´t even know the lady that paid for us but it was a very nice day for us!
For our birthdays we made a muffin cake in the microwave with the mix that mom gave me and it was delicious!! Also a good day, I learned a lot!
It has been a pretty rainy week here but I love it! Also, Gabriel and his daughter came to church yesterday and they loved it!!!

We are doing great and working hard!! Today I learned about the gathering of israel in my studies and it is really interesting. There are so many things that we know as members of the church that if only others could hear and understand it would make a big difference. I love the knowledge that we recieve from the gospel, it is a precious treasure that is eternal. Share it!!! I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life and to learn more and more how to live it everyday! I love you all more than anything!!!!

Hermana Taylor

Wanting to Change


Mi familia!!!

So I don`t have a ton of time today but i just have to say that this week was really good. We found some great new investigators and we talked to a ton of people! We had a missionary program in sacrament meeting with all the ward missionaries and it was really sweet!!!! I am excited to see how the ward with our new bishopbric will progress! 
We found a man named Enrique and he smokes but he really wants to stop and we are helping him out. We have had some really powerful lessons with him about repentance and the atonement and it is amazing to see how he is feeling the spirit and wanting to change and finding that he can really do it!!! So great!!!!
I love the gospel soooooooo much!!! I know it is true!!!!
I love you all so so much!!!!!!

Love you!!!!!
Hermana Taylor