Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This week was great!!!


Mi familia!!

So as we were entering the internet cafe to write you guys a man was hauling a cows head from a truck full of meet and across the street to the carniceria that is next to the cafe. His uniform WAS white but covered in red. Something I have never seen before...
Anyways, this week was great!!! We have an investigator that is preparing for baptism and he just needs a little help with reading his scriptures more. He is doing everything but that, so we were helping him out a little bit this week so he can be baptized! He has been working for a while to be baptized and he really has a desire to be baptized and be a strong member in the church so We we're teaching him about reading the scriptures and I just had my testimony confirmed of how important it is to read the scriptures to stay strong in the church. We need to know and love the word of God to be strong in the church, we need the strength that the scriptures give us to overcome temptation and do what is right, they really are a map for our lives.
Also, yesterday we were teaching a catholic lady that we have been teaching for a while and we asked her if she had asked specifically about jose smith and she said no so we taught her how important it is to know that he was a profet so that she can gain a testimony of the church. At the end of the lesson she asked in her prayer, "I ask that you can give me an answer so that I can give an answer too." .... It is so important that when we say our prayers we also have the intention to act after and "give an answer to our Heavenly Father". I really liked the way she said it. Well thats about it for this week. I hope you are  all doing great!!!
I love you!!
Hermana Taylor

Monday, January 5, 2015



Mi familia!!!

So this week was super! We found some new people to teach that we think are going to progress bien! We have an investigator that came to church yesterday and we went later in the day to visit her and she was asking us her questions about the testimonies and everything and she mentioned how one of the sisters was crying to have the gospel in her life that she was caught up in her emotions and our investigator was really impacted by that and she told us how her life would be different if she had accepted the gospel earlier in her life and it was all just really spiritual and powerful and this was an investiagator that was having a hard time accepting to be baptized but she finally accepted a baptism date!! wow!! Our testimonies are powerful, they can make a difference. THis week we have also been asking the Lord to put His chosen people in our path and we find that there are more and more people we talk to everyday that want to hear the gospel and they are excited about it! Even people that we have talked to before that didn{t accept the first time!!! It is so great!! I love the gospel so much!!! I love my Heavenly Father and I love to be here in His work!! I love you!!!

Hermana Taylor

Thats us with a sister that is a return missionary, she helps us out a lot!!



Mi Familia!!!

This week was great and Christmas was fun! We are finding lots of new people to teach! This week I was thinking a lot about the time that I have left in the mission and wow it has gone by so fast. I hope that I can keep improving and really serve the Lord with all my corazon, mente, alma , y fuerza! Today we were watching the restoration movie that they show in salt lake while we were eating in our house and writing and stuff and by the time it ended I could not just help but feel so much Joy. I guess you could say a fulness of joy. I am so grateful to be here as a missionary of Jesus Christ, I am so grateful to be a witness of the Restored Gospel, I am so grateful for the oportunities that my Father in Heaven has given me to share His gospel with His children and for the opportunities that He keeps giving me! I am so grateful for repentence and that we can become pure even as Christ is. I am so grateful for my eternal family! I could go on and on and on forever! I also learned today that when we feel true joy is when we feel real gratitude. I hope you all can take the time to be grateful for all your many blessings this year and then make plans, or goals, to show your gratefulness to the Lord in the year to come!

I love you guys so much!
Love, Hermana Taylor

It was a miracle!


Mi Familia!!
This week was stupendous!!! We found a lot of new investigators and we are working hard. On sunday me and my companion did a fast to find more people we could teach and also that could accept a baptism date... We found lots of new people and at one point we had 7 baptism dates!!! Fasting works people!! It was a miracle.
Saturday morning we were in the bus from before 12 in the morning and then we had a big conference with 2 missions. Elder Nelson came and  he shook all of our hands, it was super great. Shalie got to shake his hand at the funeral of Opas brother and I didn{t get to but now we are even... haha. He told all of us missionaries something really important. He told the sister missionaries that when a man comes to propose to us that we should say no.... unless that man loves God more than he loves you, he said about the same thing to the elders too..... 
But really, the conference was really great. I found my former comopanion hermana youshimats. remember the man that we baptized that had a lot of problems but change so much to be baptized and his wife didn,t want anything to do with us at the beginning,... Well, She got baptized and their grandughter too, and they went to the temple to do baptisms on saturtday!!!!! and they are planing to be sealed i nthe temple in a year!!!! That just about made me the happiest person on the planet!!! Oh how I love the gospel!!!
I also learned this week in a talk from elder Nelson that we should begin with the end in mind. We should start teaching and helping people by seeing their potential and helping them see it too!!! Well, that is about it for this week!!! I love you all so much!

i love you!!!

Hermana Taylor

I know my Savior lives


Mi Familia!
This week was great. We found a family, a mom, a dad, and two little girls and they are wonderful. We still have a bit of work to do with them but I really think they will progress. I talked to the dad and his daughter in the convi and I put a visit with them. We went to visit them with another hermana from the ward and it was a great first visit. We met the mom and she was actually going to be baptized not to long ago in another religion but, for one reason or the other it did not happen,... and then we showed up! We taught them about our Heavenly Father and about family and we put another visit with them. We came back in the next visit and the dad wasn{t there but the mom told us how she has felt peace ever since we left from the first lesson! That is what the gospel does. It brings peace!!! How grateful I am to share this message!!
I am still learning so much everyday and it just seems like it is going faster and faster. There is still a ton to improve but I find that the Lord is giving me the tools and the experiences to do it! I know my Savior lives and that He loves us and only through Him we can find true peace and joy in our lives. I know it because the Spirit told me.
I hope you all have a fantastico week!! I love you all so much!!
Hermana Taylor



Mi Familia!!

This week was excelente! We had a baptism with a woman who has been preparing for quite a while. She is amazing and was so ready to follow the example of the Savior and be baptized. When we asked her how she felt after her baptism she told us that she felt like a dove floatin around. So great! This week I have been thinking about the importance of prayer. Read 3 nefi when the Savior comes to the Americas and just count how many times they pray. Many many times. It is a commandment. And it brings muchas muchas bendiciones! Prayer brings power and strength into our lives! We are working hard and having fun her in Zihua and seeing more and more american tourists, so fun! Go to christmas.mormon.org and see the video and tell me what you think and share it with the world!!

I love you all so so much!!!
Hermana Taylor






Learning lots and loving it!


Mi Familia!

So I was thinking that I could write you all a letter that is a little more extensive this week especially because we are traveling back to our area and it is an eight hour plus bus ride-wahoo!

This week we have found many new people to teach and they are super great, but it is a little bit hard because our area is a touristic area and many "Americanos" are coming for the holidays and so, many are going to work or are going on vacations to visit their own family and other parts.

We have an investigator who is preparing very well for her back to them this week. She had already received all the lessons when we came to this area so we just had to help her go to church a couple more times, Esta bien preparada Ella.

I love my area. We eat more fish here. It's really green. We get good exercise running up and down apartment building stairs. Our ward is great! Our house is huge. I am sweaty all the time. It rains a good amount. There are geckos and toads and beautiful plants. We can see the ocean when we are up in the tall buildings. A lady in our ward has a squirrel for a pet. My companion is great. There are almond, mango and lime trees everywhere. The food is great as always!

I love to be a missionary! The Lord gives you so many opportunities to learn and to grow. Something that I learned this week was in 4th Nephi. When people are humble they are righteous, when they start thinking that they are better than others is when the iniquity comes. It is so important that we can be humble and grateful and willing to give what we have to others. Also humble enough to admit when we make a mistake. Humble enough to be exactly honest in every situation. Humble enough to keep the commandments of the Lord. Humble enough to try something new. Humility makes us moldable so the Lord can make us into what he needs us to be.

My dear family… I am learning lots and loving it! I hope you guys are too! I love you!

Hermana Taylor

We can do amazing things!


Mi familia!

So this week was great! We have one investigator that is extremely golden!! and super excited! Whooo hoooo! We also had a training meeting with our President and it was super great. We learned a lot about studying and role playing and it was great. I learned the importance to work as a team as a companionship and one thing that really impacted me that was in a video that we watched that elder bednar said was that it is important what we accomplish or do in our work but it is more important the legacy we leave behind. We can do amazing things as parents, in our callings in the church in our jobs, in the world, but what is more important is what we leave behind, a good example, how the people remember us and what they learned from us and how we helped them. It is about the people!! That is something that I really want to put into practice, focus in the people and how they will be after I leave and not only how they are right now!!! The meeting was in a place two hours away from our area and it was for two days so we did divisions with some other hermanas and me and the other hermana taylor were companions for a night. It was sweet!!! It was a tremendously teriffic and tall taylor team!! (ok so that was a little cheesy)

The sunday before yesterday, canadians came to our ward from calgary in canada. it was an older couple and they have been vacationing in many parts of mexico and they did not speak very much spanish and the sister was talking to me but by the end she went to talk to the other  american elder because when she asked me questions I would reply in spanish first.. haha.. I think she even thought for a while that I can only speak spanish. haha. so funny. Well, you guys are going to have a fun time when i get back.
Well that is about it for this week,

I lvoe you all so much!!!
Hermana Taylor #1