Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Power of Prayer

Mi familia!!

So this week was a great week. We have been trying to do something newish the past couple weeks to find more investigators which is that we are teaching them right on the spot when we met them in the street or at their house  and things like that. We had been doing that before, but we are just having lots more opportunities to do that and it is really special how the Lord puts prepared people in our path.

This week we got a new bishop too!!! We are excited to work with him! We also had zone conference this week and we focused on our missionary purpose of how we are suposed to "invite" and "help" people to come unto Christ. We focused on the "help" part to help the investigators understand how to pray, why it is important and how to recognize answers. By teaching these things we should be able to help the people put into practice prayer in their lives, sincere and humble prayer with real intent! So we really have felt the power of prayer this week with our investigators and I know that the power of prayer is true. It is so amazing to help people live the gospel! The best!!

I am just so grateful for the chance that I have had to learn so much and help others. It is so hard to end, but I really just want to keep working really hard until the end!!! I know that the gospel is true and I know that the Spirit is the only thing that can help us know and understand these truths! I love you all so much!! Thank you so much for your letters, they have helped me so much, you guys have no idea!!! I love you all forever!

Hasta Luego,
Hermana Taylor

Play ground!!! Merry go round!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I know that my Redeemer lives!!


Mi Familia!!!

So this week was a great one!!! We found lots of new investigators and we are working hard!! The weeks before it seemed like it has been getting HOTTER, but yesterday and saturday we had some nice rains that were nice and fresh. 
Yesterday we heard some nice testimonies from our investigators in one of our classes and one said that Jesus Christ teaches us through these people (the missionaries). Wow. That was really nice. How great it is to be able to be a portavoz for the Lord to tell His children about His love in His way. I am so grateful to be a part of it. There really is nothing better than helping others come unto Christ. But really it all depends on how we rely on the spirit, the Lord is the only one who really knows these people and their needs, we just got to be instruments to be able to reach them. It just gives me great comfort to know that He knows me and everyone of us. He is our biggest fan, our truest friend, our greatest example. If we follow Him we cannot fail. How sweet the peace and joy this sentance gives, I know that my redeemer lives!!

I hope you all had a great week. I love you!!
Love Hermana Taylor
Yacas!! yum!

Keep working hard!!


Mi Familia!

This week was great!! We learned a lot and have a great desire to keep working hard!! I want you guys to write my companion!! She speaks english so you can write her in english!! This week my testimony about prayer was strengthened. So we were running around trying to find someone to teach and we remembered about a guy that we have been teaching for a while, we knew that we wouldn´t be able to enter to teach him because we didn´t have someone to teach with us but we went to pass by to invite him to church, he has been sick so he has not been able to go to church and things like that, so we hiked up to the 5th floor and we invited him. He told us again of his pain and sickness and that really he will probably not be able to go. We promised him that the Lord would bless him if he went. We left kind of sad because we thought he wouldn´t go, but when we were leaving I said a prayer in my heart that the Lord would help him feel well enough to go to church. We go to church the next day without success finding someone to bring to church and shortly after we arrive we see our investigator walk into the church!!!!! I was so happy and so grateful!! The Lord answered my prayer!! The investigador had a great experience and told us that he will be there the next sunday!! So Happy!! I know  that there is a real power in prayer!! I know the Lord hears us and wants to anwer our prayers and will answer them according to our faith!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week!
I love you all so much!! 
Hermana Taylor
Yo con una hermana y grafiti!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Live His Gospel


Mi familia!!!

I cannot believe that i have entered into my last transfer!!!It is sooooo crazy!!! I can tell you that there have been a ton of mixed feelings. So so fast. It is funny to be training because my companion always asks me how it feels to be almost ending and why it is that I don{t want to leave. Thinking about how I was in those first months of the mission it almost seems imposible to come to that point but lo and behold, here I am, 16 1/2months inthemission and I know I am just going to miss being a missionary so much!! And with all of that it is just a testimony of how the Lord can change us, How the gospel of Jesus Christ really fills our lives and makes us want to share it with everyone. How the Lord can help us change even our very thoughts and views of everything. He fills every corner of our lives with a loving brightness and an eternal hope, Oh how I love the redeeming and enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know it fills our lives as we Live His Gospel.
Today I focused my study on the Atonement and I will never understand completely, but I know that Jesus really died for all of us so that we can LIVE. I love Him for that.

I hope you guys have a fantastic week and in all that you do you can remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I love you!!
Hermana TAylor

I got packages this week!! You guys make me feel so special!! Tell everyone a humungus thanks for sending me Christmas cards and everything...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eye balls are not squishy like I was thinking...


Mi familia!!!

This week was super great!! We found an awesome family that we feel will really progress well. It was awesome because it was one of those days where you are just knocking and knocking and no one is home or has time and so we had just finished nocking on a door and we find again that no one is home. We pull out the addresses that we have and we were kind of bumbed i guess you could say, but my companion said, "lets go" so we started working again, we looked for a couple more people and they weren{t there until finally we find this great family who all accepted baptism dates and are really excited to learn about the gospel!!!
We workind with an investigator that has already come to church twice and he is progressing really well!
This week I also ate a fish eye and a grass hopper with chile... Yum! Eye balls are not squishy like I was thinking...
Today I am guadalajara once again!!! Our mission president showed us the movie "meet the mormons"... It is really great and inspiring this movie... you guys can learn more about it at
I think I have said it about a billion times but the time is just flying by and I just feel more and more grateful to be able to be a missionary right now! There could be nothing better! I know that this gospel is the truth!! I know it can change peoples lives! It has changed my life! I know Christ lives and that He loves us!! I am so happy to be able to share and strengthen that testimony every day!!
I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!!!
Hermana Taylor

my companions, well the two that are by me... and a fruit that I do not remember what it is called but it looks cool right??