Thursday, May 15, 2014



Mi familia!!!

On saturday we went and found another family to work with that accepted to be baptized!! whooo!!!
I gave my talk yesterday and it went well. It was about the grand destiny of the faithful.
So the bishop in my ward knows a little bit of english and he always recites to me this quote from abraham lincoln, "If you think you can or if you think you can, you are right." How true...
So this week was also the week of transfers. I am still with my companion and we are very happy:)

Well, thats about it for this week. I love you more than anything!!!
Love, Hermana Karlie Taylor



Mi familia!!

This week I learned more about the prayer. I love how it is really like the start of an action. When we pray that those who don{t have food can have food, we better walk around with a tortilla in our pocket to give it to someone who is hungry. Prayer is power to act in doing the will of the Lord, doing all things that He would want us to do in every moment. I love that!
One day this week we went to visit a recent convert whose husband is still not super interested and he usually isn{t there, but this day he was. It was an awesome lesson that we taught with Alma 37 and the spirit was felt muchly. Later we visited ana, the recent convert again, and she told us how we were an answer to her prayer, how she had been talking with her husband and feeling a little dis animated about the church and everything and then she said a prayer and we showed up . She told us how we had the chosen words that she and her husband needed to hear. How great is the gospel!?!!!!
This week 5 people were baptized into our ward, they aren{t in our area but we went to the baptism and it was so amazing!! I love baptisms guys, love them!!!!
We also had an activity in hte church this week and it was about the plan of salvation. One room was the telestial, terrestial and celestial. My companion and I were in the telestial, we covered the window and turned out the lights and turned up the heat, well, we didn{t turn up the heat but it was really hot in there, like infierno. Anyways, the people that came started with us and they would come in the room and imediatley they wanted to leave. I was thinking about this and how true it would be, everyone that will go to the telestial kingdom, i think, would want to leave knowing that there is something much much much better that they could have had. How  vale la pena it is to keep our covenants and inherit the celestial kingdom!!!
Yesterday I taught the gospel principles class the the recent converts and investigators and I believe it went well, it was on the milenium. Learn about hte milenium guys, it is super awesome!!! And next week I will give a talk in church, whoo hooo!!! Whose excited??!!
The familia nieto is still progressing and we are getting excited for their baptism coming up. 
We had a zone activity today and we played volleyball, and yes, i totally stuffed an elder! whoop whoop! haha
This week we didn{t find a lot of people to teach but it was still a pretty great week!
I love you guys!
Love, Hermana KarlieTaylor

God understands us perfectly


Mi familia!!!
Can I just tell you guys real quick that everyone here is catholic... enough said. But really, and the week pasada, i wanted to tell you about the semana santa, it is pretty crazy, everyone in hte street, and they got some pretty interesting traditions. one day we were in our house planning and in the background is someone on a microfone baptizing people, they had like 30 baptisms while we were planning. (don{t worry, we are working up to that kind of success as we speak:)). and there were fireworks everynight that always startled us. It was pretty great. 
This week an unusual amount of people tried to talk to me in english and I can}t remember how to talk normal in english and sometimes they think they are speaking good english but i can{t understand them and I feel kinda bad. The daughter of the stake president can speak english, she has been studying for two years and I tried to talk to her in english and it was hard, you guys are in for a treat when I get back, haha. 
There are a lot of pretty butterflies here. our house is filled with fruitflies, any suggestions on how to get rid of em?
This week we were with the family nieto and they shared their experience when they prayed about jose smith and the book of mormon and the girl who is 11 told us how she felt an energy and the mom, 
told us how all her problems went away for that little time when she prayed. It was so cool for me to hear that and testify that it was the spirit. It was a great experience for me. and this week they all came to church!!!! whoo hooo. Elizabeth was going to go to the market because they don{t have food but she decided to go tday instead of yesterday!! whoo hooo!!! they are the best!
This week also, when we were talking to people they said how we were lights!! sweett!!!
It was a super great week!!! always remember that God understands us perfectly and He knows what you need, trust in Him! Mosiah 4:9
I love you all so darn much!!!
Love Hermana Taylor


I can't wait to get back on the road again


Mi Familia!
This week was real great! One day this week we were talking with Alma who gives us the carrot/orange juice and there was a man that came in to buy some juice. We ended up talking to him about the gospel and it turns out that he is a world history teacher and when we tell him about the church he goes off about how interesting our history is and about the gathering of the12 tribes of israel and so my companion gave him the book of mormon, and he pretty much told us how he knew it was true right there and how it is a history of the people here in america and everything! He doesn{t live in our area but he has a date to meet with the other missionaries!!! I didn{t notice but it turns out he passed back and forth in front of the house before he finally decided to come in and talk to us. It was a cool experience!
This week I finally met the family that i told you guys about last week! The daughters are super awesome and already so excited to be baptized and they all came to church yesterday. Their names are pretty awesome, one girls name means Dove Star in english, probably gonna name one of my kids that...
Another exciting thing that happened this week when we were studying as companions was that we had an earthquake!!! at first i thought it was just me, like i was light headed or something but then i realized that the building was moving and then me and my companion looked at eachother and .. by the time we got up to go outside it stopped. It wasn{t very ferocious but it was quite an experience.
Also yesterday one of the members in the ward was showing us how he drinks bugs to clean his stomach, they smaller than a penny and he told us he drinks about thirty of them at a time.. yum}
I know the church is true, the spirit is real, and I know with all of my heart that Christ lives! It is cool to think that right the hastening of hte work is something as grand as the first vision! So,  look for opportunities to share this marvelous message!!
I love you all so much!!!
Love hermana taylor!