Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WHoo hoo! 3/24/14

Mi familia!
So this week was great! I drank some water of celery which actually was pretty good! So there is a menos active family that we are teaching and the kids are preparing for baptism and it is really great, the only problem is that they have cats so everytime we have a lesson with them my nose is running like a fountain and it is pretty interesting to be talking and sniffling and wiping every second but its great! Me and my companion have had sore throats this week too but it wasn{t that bad. 
we are supposed to talk to as many people as we can to share the gospel during the day and this week we have done the best we ever have! One day Marcos was doing visits with us, he is 16 and is really excited about missionary work and helps us a lot,  and we told him how we need to talk to everyone and he was like, "how do you guys do that with out getting embarrased or scared" and we were like, its what we do, and he was like "ok, the next person we pass I am going to invite them to hear the gospel" and he did just that! Wow! I was suprised, it was cool to see him put into action the spreading of the gospel! It was awesome! They are sending a lot more gringas down here to mexico! 2 or 3 more groups of gringas have come in since i have been here so its cool to meet the newbies! 
This week we had comida with a member and she was talking about how her daughter served a mission and how she wrote her everyday, this way her mom was able to live the mission experience with her. I was thinking about this and how much more we enjoy experience and things when we can share them with someone else or give them to someone else and how really that is what life is about, giving, giving everything to the Lord, to please Him, and then in return we get so much more back, we enjoy it so much more! I think I can really do that better in my life, share it, give it to the Lord and let Him make of it what He wants. We also had comida with Hermana Jasiver who is making a lot of changes in her life right now and there was something that she said that was really great, she said, if you are where the Lord wants and needs you that is where you find success. How true!  
It really was a great week. 
Oh, one day we went to visit a menos active family and they weren{t home so we were thinking htat we would try and see if another inactive family was home nearby, so we went on our way when my companion was like, lets knock on their neighbors door and see if they want to hear,, and i was like ok. so we did and we found viridiana, she let us in and we taught her how God is our Heavenly Father and how He loves us and hears our prayers, it was a lesson really directed by the spirit, and she accepted to be baptized the 10 of may!!! Wow! It always amazes me how the Lord puts people into our path that need the gospel and are ready to accept it! 
we had a lot of changes in our ward this week in a lot of callings so it will be interesting how that will go with the missionary work here.  It was a really great week!
I love you guys more than anything!!!
les vaya bien!!
Love, Hermana taylor

So Happy! 3/17/14

Mi Familia!!!
What a week! Alfredo says hi and that he loves you all!!! and guess what?¿?¿ He was baptized!! It was marvelous and I probably couldn´t have been more happy in that moment! He is a jewel, really! It has been such a blessing to teach him and his wife. 
one day this week a jehova witness came knocking on our door when we were studying, we listened to her try to convince us that Heavenly Father is Jehova. We testified that Jesus is the Christ and gave her a pamphlet and then went back to studying. It was pretty interesting. I don´t know if we will see more of her later.
This week it was our second visit with a couple and the wife, elizabeth,  was asking who we were, "what are you guys- la luz del mundo, o cristianos" and then she said, oh es mormones! and then her husband, rojelio, said, " la iglesia de Jesucristo". me and my companion looked at eachother with the biggest smiles! How important it is to know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ! I have learned more this week how important and precious the knowldge is to know that Christ lives, He is our Savior and through Him we can be completely clean and return to our Padre Celestial as happy families! Treasure this knowledge mi familia!! 

I love you guys more than anything!!!
Love, Hermana Taylor 

Woohoo! 3/10/2014

Mi familia!!!
This week was great! Kinda crazy, but so great! Alfredo will be baptized this week and he is really excited and he says hello to all of you and hopes that all is well! I don{t have much to say this week except for that I am so grateful for the atonement and that we have the chance to start a new really every moment. If we have a broken heart and a contrite spirit we can access the atonement and apply it in our lives and be happy. We can do better without looking back. We can move forward with Christ as our foundation and we need not fear that we will fall because Christ will raise us up! I am so grateful for direction from prophets and apostles of Christ that can lead us in the right directions so we can know all that we need to do to be an eternal and happy family! I love you all so much!! 
Hermana Taylor
Here are some pictures of an awesome noche de hogar that we had!! here we have the mission leader and elders quorom president and some investigators and it was just real great!

Sincerely Awesome!! 3/3/2014

This week was super super great! Some days were hard but I wouldn{t trade them for anything, why? you ask.... because the days that are awesome are really, really, truly, sincerely AWESOME!!!
and it is all thanks to the Lord. I know that He lives and He has a plan... a plan for everything!!

the picture is of a caterpillar we found while pulling weeds in our front lawn... its HUGE!!

Love you all!!!
love hermana taylor

Thursday, March 6, 2014

2/24/14 Ode to Mexico

Mi familia!

so this week was great with my new companion! 

this week there was a HUGE spider in the church, like as big as the palm of my hand!! Oh, and one lady let us eat in her house because we got the food from the hermana that was assigned but we had nowhere to eat it and we ended up in this lady{s house, her name is lilian, she is christiana... anyways she has this bird and she lets it eat out of her bowl and stuff and climb all over and on her head and stuff, it was quite an experience to see that! 

so most of our meals fell through this week for some reason so we had to improvise a couple of times but it was cool to see where the Lord put us because we got to know some new people to teach and somehow it all ended up working out everyday so it was great!! I can tell you all right now that this has been the hardest thing in my life to do,  So, so worth it! I love this gospel! I love Jesus Christ and the anchor he is in my life! I can always turn to Him to search for the peace and I always find it, sometimes it takes a while to see clearly who He really is and what He really did for me so that I can forever be happy, but I always find peace in knowing that He is my savior and He knows exactly what I need. Exactly! and although things are hard, He is always here.  if I do my best to rely on Him, He will make up the rest!! He is my Savior and my Redeemer! 

I love you so much my dear familia!! Realmente mas que yo puedo describir!! Love you!!

Hermana Taylor 

2/17/14 i have a bit more time to tell you all what i learned this week!

!!Mi familia!!

first off, good desires come from the spirit! even when you just have the desire to do something good it is from the spirit!! I learned so much from the conference this week!! elder christiansen told us how the mission is like a mini life. we start off as babies knowing nothing and knowing we know nothing and then we are adolescents knowing nothing and thinking we know everything (don{t know if I will ever feel that way. haha)and then we are adults knowing only a little bit but knowing where to look for answers. 

as I was thinking about this I recieved so much revelation it was astounding...I was thinking how I wanted to share this with you guys and especially shalie and then I was thinking about how when we learn more about the atonement, when we understand it better we have desires to share it with all (it says this in preach my gospel chapter 1) and then I connected them both... The ATONEMENT IS KNOWING WHERE TO LOOK!!!... or, even better, knowing who to look to. (Alma 37:47)If the only thing that I learn from my mission is to trust in my savior more, than I will have completed my purpose! ... Hopefully along the way I can help others do the same! ALWAYS look to the savior and your paths will be bright because He is the light!!

I love you guys so much and am working on focusing and loving the people more and more here... I can feel in my heart the savior changing me and I am excited for the future!! I know there will still be hard times ahead but it doesn{t even matter because I know who to look to and when we look to Him we really only can remember the times when we were joyful and the times when we relied on Him to change us to be better! I love you all so much!!!

Hermana Taylor

wow! 2/17/14

Ok, so we had the baptisms of adriana y roberto this week and it was super duper great!! I got a new companion, Hermana contreres and she is super sweet. I have to be really fast this week because we got kinda lost today and so our time just got mixed up but my president is amazing. I learned so much this week, so much!! I will tell you about it more next week! I hope all is well!! I love you all more than anything!!! I am just trying to love, love, love the people and it really has been a miracle to be able to put more effort into doing that and really caring for the people that we meet every day and teach-!! I love it here!! Love you all so so much!! oh and shalie, in the mission conference this week with elder christiansen, presidency of the 70, he mentioned your mission and how people are really into the work down there!! way to go Shae!!

Hermana Taylor

last week of 12 semanas!! 2/10/14

Me familia!!

this week we have been teaching Angelica and it has been cool to see the change in her so quickly. At first she wasn{t sure if she had faith because of things that have happened to her in her life but as we have been following up teaching her and she has been reading the book of mormon it has been amazing to see the change in her. she has recognized this change in her life too. we still got some things to work on but this was such a great miracle for me this week!

so I have an assignment for you guys: start inviting less active families to family nights. My companion was telling me how that is how her parents got reactivated and I think that it is a really good idea!
I just want you guys to know that repentance is real, it is a gift and we can receive that joy that comes from repentance everyday in our lives!!! we can become closer and closer to our savior through repentance and we can feel His redeeming love! Even when it is hard to get admit that you are wrong and it takes a while, it is amazing to have the atonement and to be able to change and become better everyday!! and I am so grateful for you!!!
I love you all so so so so much!!! 

Hermana Taylor


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Woohoo! 2/3/14

Mi familia!!
so yesterday was a very very very good day! we had 6 investigators in church!!! we usually only have one or none but yesterday we had 6!!! and we didn't even have to go get them to come to church!! 3 of them are an older family, Adriana, Roberto, and Anel (the daughter that isn{t a member yet) that the parents recieved a bom 24 years ago. their daughter is a member of 5 years and when she converted the mom especially was mad but she is now understanding how the church she attended doesn{t have the authority and she always tells us how her heart was softened!! they are super amazing and she is already planning on going on a mission! we had a couple, ana and arturo, and then we had alfredo who is just so accepting of everything and really excited about the gospel!! Our ward is also working hard to work more in missionary work so that is really great too!! It was a very good week! the gospel is the best and I am so grateful to be serving in the work of the Lord!
I love you all so sosossososos much!!!! I am praying for jose and all the brewers ! I love you!!!! Hermana Taylor