Thursday, May 15, 2014

I can't wait to get back on the road again


Mi Familia!
This week was real great! One day this week we were talking with Alma who gives us the carrot/orange juice and there was a man that came in to buy some juice. We ended up talking to him about the gospel and it turns out that he is a world history teacher and when we tell him about the church he goes off about how interesting our history is and about the gathering of the12 tribes of israel and so my companion gave him the book of mormon, and he pretty much told us how he knew it was true right there and how it is a history of the people here in america and everything! He doesn{t live in our area but he has a date to meet with the other missionaries!!! I didn{t notice but it turns out he passed back and forth in front of the house before he finally decided to come in and talk to us. It was a cool experience!
This week I finally met the family that i told you guys about last week! The daughters are super awesome and already so excited to be baptized and they all came to church yesterday. Their names are pretty awesome, one girls name means Dove Star in english, probably gonna name one of my kids that...
Another exciting thing that happened this week when we were studying as companions was that we had an earthquake!!! at first i thought it was just me, like i was light headed or something but then i realized that the building was moving and then me and my companion looked at eachother and .. by the time we got up to go outside it stopped. It wasn{t very ferocious but it was quite an experience.
Also yesterday one of the members in the ward was showing us how he drinks bugs to clean his stomach, they smaller than a penny and he told us he drinks about thirty of them at a time.. yum}
I know the church is true, the spirit is real, and I know with all of my heart that Christ lives! It is cool to think that right the hastening of hte work is something as grand as the first vision! So,  look for opportunities to share this marvelous message!!
I love you all so much!!!
Love hermana taylor!

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