Thursday, May 15, 2014

God understands us perfectly


Mi familia!!!
Can I just tell you guys real quick that everyone here is catholic... enough said. But really, and the week pasada, i wanted to tell you about the semana santa, it is pretty crazy, everyone in hte street, and they got some pretty interesting traditions. one day we were in our house planning and in the background is someone on a microfone baptizing people, they had like 30 baptisms while we were planning. (don{t worry, we are working up to that kind of success as we speak:)). and there were fireworks everynight that always startled us. It was pretty great. 
This week an unusual amount of people tried to talk to me in english and I can}t remember how to talk normal in english and sometimes they think they are speaking good english but i can{t understand them and I feel kinda bad. The daughter of the stake president can speak english, she has been studying for two years and I tried to talk to her in english and it was hard, you guys are in for a treat when I get back, haha. 
There are a lot of pretty butterflies here. our house is filled with fruitflies, any suggestions on how to get rid of em?
This week we were with the family nieto and they shared their experience when they prayed about jose smith and the book of mormon and the girl who is 11 told us how she felt an energy and the mom, 
told us how all her problems went away for that little time when she prayed. It was so cool for me to hear that and testify that it was the spirit. It was a great experience for me. and this week they all came to church!!!! whoo hooo. Elizabeth was going to go to the market because they don{t have food but she decided to go tday instead of yesterday!! whoo hooo!!! they are the best!
This week also, when we were talking to people they said how we were lights!! sweett!!!
It was a super great week!!! always remember that God understands us perfectly and He knows what you need, trust in Him! Mosiah 4:9
I love you all so darn much!!!
Love Hermana Taylor


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