Sunday, October 12, 2014



Mi familia!!!

So I don´t have a ton of time to right but what a great weekend!!!
When we were waiting in our stake center yesterday to hear the last session we went outside and one grandpa when he walked passed said that I am bright from far away (usted brilla desde muy lejos). And in my mind I was like, "I do feel pretty briliant... It is not because I am so smart but because I just feel so good to hear the word of God through a living prophet and apostles". I really just did not want it to end... but we have to "go and do" at some point or other, verdad?
This week was great. We have some investigators that are progressing very well. I am so grateful to be hear. To know of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. To have the knowledge to "look to God and live"!!!
I love you all so much and I am so excited for the adventures that lie ahead for all of you and for me too!!!
Thanks for being my awesome family!!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Taylor

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