Sunday, November 2, 2014

Una Familia Dios me dio'!!!


Mi Familia!!!

What a week. We had interview with the president which was good. We are finding more people to teach and we are hechandole ganas to work harder and harder everyday.
One experience that I had this week was in a lesson with an investigator and his wife that we have been teaching for a while. They started asking us how we get married in the church and so we taught them about eternal families. Probably my favorite lesson of them all. I always feel the spirit so strong when we teach this lesson. I asked the investigator a question, "what are you willing to do to have an eternal family?" and they said that they would be willing to do many things and then I asked them, "are you willing to pray and to recieve an answer that Joseph Smith was a profet of God to know if the Book of Mormon is true and then follow these answers?" and they said yes. I really just learned how connected and beautiful the gospel is. If we know that Joseph Smith was a profet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true we can come to know so many more wonderful mysteries of God and His gospel. Its like Nefi when he asks to understand more about his fathers dream and Enos when he remembers the words of his father and Alma too. When we ask God simple questions and we make an effort to search and recieve the answers, literally billions of doors are opened to know much much more! Oh how I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I love you all so so much!!
Hermana TAylor

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