Friday, April 10, 2015

What we really are doing is helping each other find our way back home. How sweet!!


Mi Familia!!!

So this week was good. I do have to say that General Conference was the highlight, What can beat listing to living prophets of God??? I brought questions that I had on a piece of paper and seriously the Lord answered all of them, All of them, in the first session. I had to come up with more after... haha. So wonderful the word of the Lord!!! Something that I loved was from one of the 70 , "Siga intentandolo". How blessed we are to just have the courage to keep trying in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! 
We had an investigator that assisted 3 of the 4 sessions!!! Que maravilla!!!

Welp, I guess it is the final inning and we are wrapping it up. I don´t know if  I can really believe that I will see you all in a week. We are going to finish up working HARD!
Really I cannot express my gratitude for everything that I have seen and experienced this past year and a half. I am just grateful that I know where I stand, I know who my foundation is and I will never leave Him. I am not perfect, I still know very little, I am not a perfect teacher and there are still those awkward moments when I try to talk to people, but I know that I have been strengthened and made better for being a missionary, more ready to keep following the straight and narrow. And really my plan is that it won´t end really, that I can keep doing the things that I have done here but just in another place with other people. Helping and inviting them to come unto Christ. What we really are doing is helping eachother find our way back home. How sweet!!

Well, I love you my dear family!! See you pronto!!
Hermana Taylor

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