Thursday, April 2, 2015



Mi Familia!!!

So this week was great! At the beginning of the week we found lots of people to teach and these past days we haven{t found a lot but it was still a good week! We have a lot of activites in the church that are coming up that we are excited about and we hope lots and lots of people can attend. We have general conference this weekend and next week people are coming to show Meet the Mormons in our church. We are trying to invite a ton of people and also we are inviting them to see the Easter website. We are excited to see what comes from all of these things.

This week I was thinking about the Book of Mormon, and I have a question for you all, What does the book of mormon teach us about God?? Well there is not a ton of time for me to tell you, but it's the question I want you all to meditate this week! This week I was reading in Elder Christoferson's talk from the last general conference and there is something that he said that is very important. I learned from his talk that God will not do anything to make us something that we did not choose to become, but He will help us when we choose to become like Him. Actually it is necessary that He helps us. That is why Jesus Christ came to the earth. I know that He lives! How glorious!

Well family, that is about it for today!! I love you all so much!!
Hermana Taylor
I don{t have any new photos this week but you guys will see my lovely face soon enough...:)

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