Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nice Surprise!


Mi Familia!
So I had a nice surprise yesterday at church. Of all the people in the world I come to meet David and Regina Adams, Sister Fatheringham and Sister Honeycut. I pretty sure mom and dad know them!!! Dad was one of their home teachers. I never would have thought that one of the tourists here would be from Alpine. haha. It was good to see them. Sister Fatheringham helped us with the piano! She is great!
So this week was great with my new companion. We are learning a lot and finding more people to teach! Yesterday we were trying to find new people to teach, but not only people that would hear our message but that would act accordingly. I said more prayers with my companion yesterday than ever. But it was interesting though because we didn{t just say prayers to start working but my companion insisted on saying prayers many of the times after we talked to people that were "chosen ones". It was a sweet experience to learn and to put into practice gratitude with my companion. She is super! I really found that as we did that our day was lighter and happier. Thanks Sister Ontiveros!! She is great, we talk a lot in english and that is kind of fun!  It is so fun to be training again, I feel like you learn so much more when you have the oportunity to teach so that is great! We should be getting a new bishop this next week.
This week in my studies I was reading about how nefi followed the spirit to get the plates. I love how it clearly shows how the only way to really have success is not to guess or to rely on money or worldly things but on the spirit! I am  trying to recognize the spirit more in my own life and becoming a master at the language of the spirit. I hope you are all doing really well!! 

I love you all so much!!
Hermana Taylor

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