Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WEll, i DON'T have a lot to say this week.


Mi familia!!

So this week was great. We are working hard to find Escojidos!! I cannot believe it is February already... so so fast. Some good things happened this week but I am not remembering right now. Oh, one good thing is that our Recent Convert said that he will prepare to go on a mission!! So great!!! Thats the best, seeing people progress in the gospel!! Today I was reading in 1 nefi 10 and it talks about how nefi was wanting to know if the words of his dad were true and how he searched for the spirit to know if it was true because that is the way that God has communicated the truth with His children from the beginning of the world!!! That is what we need to search for everyday, to have the spirit with us!! WEll, i DON{T have a lot to say this week but just that the time is flying by!! My companion is still awesome and we are having a good time!! WE had zone meeting this week and we learned how to make goals better! We saw a new type of pet, a Tejon, i don{t know what it is in english... 

I love you all so so much!! 
Hermana Taylor

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