Tuesday, February 17, 2015

That means you guys!!!


Mi Familia!!!

So this week was great!!! We had a training meeting with the presidente where we learned how to do practices with the members so that they can help us find new people to teach and it was great! The members are a really important part of this work!!! That means you guys!!!
We were going to go with a member family and the dad is a counselor to the bishop and at first I was kind of scared to do a practice with him because I didn´t think he would take it seriously but we did it with himand his wife and they did an awesome job and after they were all motivated to go and share the gospelwith their friend!!... Are you guys doing your practices??? haha.... but seriously... do it!
We also found a antiguo investigador that is golden! The misionaries were teaching him before andfor some reason they stopped but we have foundhim again andhe came to church yesterdayandis super excited to be learning about the gospel!! Whoo hooo!!
"¿Habeis preguntado al SeƱor?" That is what Nefi says to his brothers when they don{t want to accept what their father says. If we have a question or a doubt we need to ask God, He will give us the truth!! We should always be willing to ask Him in all circumstances in all questions and allneeds, He is the only one that can lead us safely back to Him!!! and to everlasting joy too!!

My family, I just love you all so much andI hope you havea great week!!!
Hermana Taylor

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