Monday, September 22, 2014

Dreaming in Spanish


Mi familia!!!

So this week was super great!!! We had two baptisms muy bonitos!! It amazes me how the Lord puts his chosen people into our paths.
We also had divisions this week and so I wasn´t in my area for two days! While I was with Hermana Corbridge I found out that we might be related because she has a lot of taylor ancestors that came from canada! Who knew!!! We also taught a lady that when she prayed she prayed for how much she needed the missionaries to come and how much she needed direction in her life. So my family, there are people out there who need you, search for them!!
I got a new companion today, Her name is Hermana Youshimatz, (and so I will be in this area for another month at least) and she is from China!!... No... I am just kidding, she is from Mexico but her name is sweet though!! It pronounced like Yoshi-mots. So sweet! and she is a sweet heart! I am excited to work with her!! She has 3 months on her missions so almost a newbie!! I´ll learn a lot from her!
So, This week me and my companion were talking about how I was talking in my sleep and she would ask me questions in spanish and I would answer them in spanish!! There was a point in my mission where i never thought I would dream in spanish and lo and behold, I am talking it in my sleep!! The Lord is amazing!!

I love you soooooo much!!
Hermana Taylor

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