Monday, September 22, 2014

Big Feet!


Mi FAmilia!!!

Esta semana fue excellente!!! We had a baptism of an older lady that is just the best in the whole wide world!! Ever since we have started teaching her she has just felt that it is true and she loves it. She loves God and she loves everything she learns about the gospel. We had a small rough patch in the beginning when she told us she didn´t want to be baptized because her family didn´t like it but we perservered and the Lord changed her heart and the heart of her family so she could be baptized. When she was baptized she kept on saying how beautiful and happy she felt! It was a wonderful day!! Also, one of our recent converts baptized his friend too!! So beautiful, I love the gospel! I know it is true!
There wasn´t much else exciting that happened this week. We are working hard and we see how the Lord is helping us so much!!
I love you all more than anything!!! 
Hermana Taylor 

It is a hand in the ground if you are wondering
a huge centipede
and big feet... they kinda look normal on me though.. haha

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