Sunday, November 2, 2014

Power and Authority


Mi Familia!!

This week was great. We had some really spiritual lessons and in every one we could testify of Christ and His gospel... How great is that??? Super great!
So yesterday we were searching for some new investigators and we found a lady that we began to teach. She asked us if our message took a lot of time and we said that we could share it in about 30 mins. So she let us in. We began teaching her and we asked her about herself. She shared some things that were quite hard in her life but it was cool to see how, despite all of her trials, she had a smile on her face. We start teaching her and it was a good lesson. We find out later that she had a dream about us the night before, about me and my companion. WOW! That has never happened before. She told us the only reason she accepted to hear us was because she had this dream and she said to herself, if they come tomorrow I will let them in. So we taught her and she accepted a baptism date and she is great! Oh how the Lord works! We weren´t even planning on going to see her but we were by her house so we decided to knock. Something that I really realized as we were teaching her is that when we teach the people it really isn´t with us that they have these experiences, it is completely and totally with the Lord. If we are doing our part as missionaries, the investigators should learn how to rely on Him to find the answers, we are just guides to help out. This is His work!
We also have another investigator and she is progressing really really well! It has amazed me how she has accepted the gospel. We started teaching her and it turns out that she had a lot of coraje for one of the members of our ward but even still she did not let that change the testimony that she had gained of our message. She really understands that it is between her and God and no one else. Things were resolved and after feeling bad for so many years, the gospel is letting ger feel the peace of Christ in her life. Oh how I love the gospel!!!

I love you all so much!!
Hermana Taylor

He gave me a makeover!!

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