Thursday, March 6, 2014

2/17/14 i have a bit more time to tell you all what i learned this week!

!!Mi familia!!

first off, good desires come from the spirit! even when you just have the desire to do something good it is from the spirit!! I learned so much from the conference this week!! elder christiansen told us how the mission is like a mini life. we start off as babies knowing nothing and knowing we know nothing and then we are adolescents knowing nothing and thinking we know everything (don{t know if I will ever feel that way. haha)and then we are adults knowing only a little bit but knowing where to look for answers. 

as I was thinking about this I recieved so much revelation it was astounding...I was thinking how I wanted to share this with you guys and especially shalie and then I was thinking about how when we learn more about the atonement, when we understand it better we have desires to share it with all (it says this in preach my gospel chapter 1) and then I connected them both... The ATONEMENT IS KNOWING WHERE TO LOOK!!!... or, even better, knowing who to look to. (Alma 37:47)If the only thing that I learn from my mission is to trust in my savior more, than I will have completed my purpose! ... Hopefully along the way I can help others do the same! ALWAYS look to the savior and your paths will be bright because He is the light!!

I love you guys so much and am working on focusing and loving the people more and more here... I can feel in my heart the savior changing me and I am excited for the future!! I know there will still be hard times ahead but it doesn{t even matter because I know who to look to and when we look to Him we really only can remember the times when we were joyful and the times when we relied on Him to change us to be better! I love you all so much!!!

Hermana Taylor

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