Thursday, March 6, 2014

Woohoo! 2/3/14

Mi familia!!
so yesterday was a very very very good day! we had 6 investigators in church!!! we usually only have one or none but yesterday we had 6!!! and we didn't even have to go get them to come to church!! 3 of them are an older family, Adriana, Roberto, and Anel (the daughter that isn{t a member yet) that the parents recieved a bom 24 years ago. their daughter is a member of 5 years and when she converted the mom especially was mad but she is now understanding how the church she attended doesn{t have the authority and she always tells us how her heart was softened!! they are super amazing and she is already planning on going on a mission! we had a couple, ana and arturo, and then we had alfredo who is just so accepting of everything and really excited about the gospel!! Our ward is also working hard to work more in missionary work so that is really great too!! It was a very good week! the gospel is the best and I am so grateful to be serving in the work of the Lord!
I love you all so sosossososos much!!!! I am praying for jose and all the brewers ! I love you!!!! Hermana Taylor

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