Thursday, March 6, 2014

2/24/14 Ode to Mexico

Mi familia!

so this week was great with my new companion! 

this week there was a HUGE spider in the church, like as big as the palm of my hand!! Oh, and one lady let us eat in her house because we got the food from the hermana that was assigned but we had nowhere to eat it and we ended up in this lady{s house, her name is lilian, she is christiana... anyways she has this bird and she lets it eat out of her bowl and stuff and climb all over and on her head and stuff, it was quite an experience to see that! 

so most of our meals fell through this week for some reason so we had to improvise a couple of times but it was cool to see where the Lord put us because we got to know some new people to teach and somehow it all ended up working out everyday so it was great!! I can tell you all right now that this has been the hardest thing in my life to do,  So, so worth it! I love this gospel! I love Jesus Christ and the anchor he is in my life! I can always turn to Him to search for the peace and I always find it, sometimes it takes a while to see clearly who He really is and what He really did for me so that I can forever be happy, but I always find peace in knowing that He is my savior and He knows exactly what I need. Exactly! and although things are hard, He is always here.  if I do my best to rely on Him, He will make up the rest!! He is my Savior and my Redeemer! 

I love you so much my dear familia!! Realmente mas que yo puedo describir!! Love you!!

Hermana Taylor 

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