Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WHoo hoo! 3/24/14

Mi familia!
So this week was great! I drank some water of celery which actually was pretty good! So there is a menos active family that we are teaching and the kids are preparing for baptism and it is really great, the only problem is that they have cats so everytime we have a lesson with them my nose is running like a fountain and it is pretty interesting to be talking and sniffling and wiping every second but its great! Me and my companion have had sore throats this week too but it wasn{t that bad. 
we are supposed to talk to as many people as we can to share the gospel during the day and this week we have done the best we ever have! One day Marcos was doing visits with us, he is 16 and is really excited about missionary work and helps us a lot,  and we told him how we need to talk to everyone and he was like, "how do you guys do that with out getting embarrased or scared" and we were like, its what we do, and he was like "ok, the next person we pass I am going to invite them to hear the gospel" and he did just that! Wow! I was suprised, it was cool to see him put into action the spreading of the gospel! It was awesome! They are sending a lot more gringas down here to mexico! 2 or 3 more groups of gringas have come in since i have been here so its cool to meet the newbies! 
This week we had comida with a member and she was talking about how her daughter served a mission and how she wrote her everyday, this way her mom was able to live the mission experience with her. I was thinking about this and how much more we enjoy experience and things when we can share them with someone else or give them to someone else and how really that is what life is about, giving, giving everything to the Lord, to please Him, and then in return we get so much more back, we enjoy it so much more! I think I can really do that better in my life, share it, give it to the Lord and let Him make of it what He wants. We also had comida with Hermana Jasiver who is making a lot of changes in her life right now and there was something that she said that was really great, she said, if you are where the Lord wants and needs you that is where you find success. How true!  
It really was a great week. 
Oh, one day we went to visit a menos active family and they weren{t home so we were thinking htat we would try and see if another inactive family was home nearby, so we went on our way when my companion was like, lets knock on their neighbors door and see if they want to hear,, and i was like ok. so we did and we found viridiana, she let us in and we taught her how God is our Heavenly Father and how He loves us and hears our prayers, it was a lesson really directed by the spirit, and she accepted to be baptized the 10 of may!!! Wow! It always amazes me how the Lord puts people into our path that need the gospel and are ready to accept it! 
we had a lot of changes in our ward this week in a lot of callings so it will be interesting how that will go with the missionary work here.  It was a really great week!
I love you guys more than anything!!!
les vaya bien!!
Love, Hermana taylor

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