Sunday, August 10, 2014



Mi Familia!!!!

It has been an amazing week full of working, learning, and loving!!!
This week we were getting ready to leave the house and we walked out the door after the prayer and right when it shut my companion says, "and the keys??", I had just locked the keys in our house hanging on a hook by the door and we still had one more door to unlock to escape from our apartment complex and none of our neighbors were home. We were trapped. Of course I did the first thing I thought of and prayed that we could find a way to leave our house quickly. My prayer was answered. After brainstorming varios ways to escape we caught the attention of our neighbor across the street and he gave us some tools to get the keys. So we broke our window and we got the keys like they do in rescuers down under! it was great. and we were out of the house within the half hour! (a member is going to help us fix the window today) Ill send pictures. It was a real tender mercy.
Really I cannot express how grateful I am for the things that are happening here in my area. There are miracles everyday!! This week we had a baptism of a 9 year old girl and she bore her testimony after and it was just about the most tenderest thing that I have ever seen! It is amazing to see how Christ works in the lives of these people so that they can accept the gospel and be truly happy. What a miracle!
We had a lot of investigators in church yesterday and there were two that we honestly thought would not come because the wife said she sleeps in until 12 every sunday and 10 every other day and our church starts at 8 (and all my life I thought 9 was horrible... haha) But she and her husband came and participated and it was wonderful and beautiful and  a great day!
Elder Johnson of the presidency of our area came to our church and we also had ward council with him and it was quite interesting and I learned a lot. Something that he said that I loved. We were making our plan misonal of the ward and making goals for every organization for references and when he asked for our goals he said that he likes commitments better than goals. Action people. Action. It is what we need to do. So DO IT!
I have been overwhelmingly suprised by the way that I have learned this week in the good parts and the hard parts. Especially the hard parts, I have really seen how we can turn to the Lord and He will guide us to do the right thing by the spirit. I love the Lord for this. So much!

I love you!!!
Hermana Taylor


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