Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Glory Glory


Mi familia!!!

This week was super duper awesome!!! We had another baptism and it was the sweetest thing. It was an old grandpa whose wife died a while ago and he says he feels lonley and everything but all he wants to do is do good in the eyes of God. He has told us this every time we have lessons with him and you can really see that that is all he wants to do. How great it is that he can have the gospel now in his life and have a whole family in the church, because that is what we are in the church, a family. How great. I was sitting next to him when the bishop was giving him the welcome to the ward and he started to tear up, so tender and so spiritual. How great it is to be a family!
Today my companion went to sign her visa so I am here in my area with a newish missionera of 2 months and it has been great to be with her for a few days. She is from mexico and she is awesome!!!
I love learning everday and the opportunity to change and grow! I know that if we really rely on the Savior He can change our hearts, not matter how bad we messed up or how strong our habits are in thinking or in whatever thing, He has the power to change us!
I love you all so much!!

Love, Hermana Taylor

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