Sunday, August 10, 2014

Super Great!


Mi familia!!!

This week was great! Lots of investigators came to church yesterday and are still progressing!!! We have one new investigator that we went to teach this week that lives up in the hills. He doesn´t know how to read but it is so fun to teach him. He knows a lot of the letters he just doesn´t know how to put them all together yet and he has a real desire to learn to read and to learn about the gospel and to do what is right. He is awesome! We have also used the wood plan of salvation and that was sweet to use with him! Also, he lives up in the hills so when we take the bus it litterally is like a roller coaster and I absolutely love it!!
We also went even further up in the hills where there aren´t paved roads and its totally like an adventure to walk up in these neighborhoods. So great!!
We also have one investigator that has given up smoking for a week now!!! He is awesome! Pray for him and for his wife that she can accept to hear us too!!!
We had divisions this week and I had a gringa compañera for one day!!! It was great! Her name is Hermana Christen.
The baptism of Valeria will be this wednesday and I am super excited about that! Their mom is the recent convert that I have told you about!
The work is really progressing here and I am loving working and learning and growing and I am so grateful for all the experiences that I have had. The book of mormon really has the power to change lives if people read it, understand it, and live it!!
I love you guys all so much!!!

Hermana Taylor

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