Sunday, August 10, 2014

20 years old.... AND LOVIN IT!


Mi Familia!

This week went very well! We found more investigators that have a sincere interest to hear our message and TO BE BAPTIZED!! One is a little old lady that is just the sweetest thing ever. The first time we taught her she expressed her desired to become part of the church, it was amazing! One day this week we decided to eat some tacos for 2 pesos and we ate about ten and then this lady was like, "eat more!!!" and so we did and they ended up giving it all to us for free!! We don´t even know the lady that paid for us but it was a very nice day for us!
For our birthdays we made a muffin cake in the microwave with the mix that mom gave me and it was delicious!! Also a good day, I learned a lot!
It has been a pretty rainy week here but I love it! Also, Gabriel and his daughter came to church yesterday and they loved it!!!

We are doing great and working hard!! Today I learned about the gathering of israel in my studies and it is really interesting. There are so many things that we know as members of the church that if only others could hear and understand it would make a big difference. I love the knowledge that we recieve from the gospel, it is a precious treasure that is eternal. Share it!!! I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life and to learn more and more how to live it everyday! I love you all more than anything!!!!

Hermana Taylor

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