Monday, January 5, 2015

It was a miracle!


Mi Familia!!
This week was stupendous!!! We found a lot of new investigators and we are working hard. On sunday me and my companion did a fast to find more people we could teach and also that could accept a baptism date... We found lots of new people and at one point we had 7 baptism dates!!! Fasting works people!! It was a miracle.
Saturday morning we were in the bus from before 12 in the morning and then we had a big conference with 2 missions. Elder Nelson came and  he shook all of our hands, it was super great. Shalie got to shake his hand at the funeral of Opas brother and I didn{t get to but now we are even... haha. He told all of us missionaries something really important. He told the sister missionaries that when a man comes to propose to us that we should say no.... unless that man loves God more than he loves you, he said about the same thing to the elders too..... 
But really, the conference was really great. I found my former comopanion hermana youshimats. remember the man that we baptized that had a lot of problems but change so much to be baptized and his wife didn,t want anything to do with us at the beginning,... Well, She got baptized and their grandughter too, and they went to the temple to do baptisms on saturtday!!!!! and they are planing to be sealed i nthe temple in a year!!!! That just about made me the happiest person on the planet!!! Oh how I love the gospel!!!
I also learned this week in a talk from elder Nelson that we should begin with the end in mind. We should start teaching and helping people by seeing their potential and helping them see it too!!! Well, that is about it for this week!!! I love you all so much!

i love you!!!

Hermana Taylor

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