Monday, January 5, 2015

We can do amazing things!


Mi familia!

So this week was great! We have one investigator that is extremely golden!! and super excited! Whooo hoooo! We also had a training meeting with our President and it was super great. We learned a lot about studying and role playing and it was great. I learned the importance to work as a team as a companionship and one thing that really impacted me that was in a video that we watched that elder bednar said was that it is important what we accomplish or do in our work but it is more important the legacy we leave behind. We can do amazing things as parents, in our callings in the church in our jobs, in the world, but what is more important is what we leave behind, a good example, how the people remember us and what they learned from us and how we helped them. It is about the people!! That is something that I really want to put into practice, focus in the people and how they will be after I leave and not only how they are right now!!! The meeting was in a place two hours away from our area and it was for two days so we did divisions with some other hermanas and me and the other hermana taylor were companions for a night. It was sweet!!! It was a tremendously teriffic and tall taylor team!! (ok so that was a little cheesy)

The sunday before yesterday, canadians came to our ward from calgary in canada. it was an older couple and they have been vacationing in many parts of mexico and they did not speak very much spanish and the sister was talking to me but by the end she went to talk to the other  american elder because when she asked me questions I would reply in spanish first.. haha.. I think she even thought for a while that I can only speak spanish. haha. so funny. Well, you guys are going to have a fun time when i get back.
Well that is about it for this week,

I lvoe you all so much!!!
Hermana Taylor #1

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