Monday, January 5, 2015

Learning lots and loving it!


Mi Familia!

So I was thinking that I could write you all a letter that is a little more extensive this week especially because we are traveling back to our area and it is an eight hour plus bus ride-wahoo!

This week we have found many new people to teach and they are super great, but it is a little bit hard because our area is a touristic area and many "Americanos" are coming for the holidays and so, many are going to work or are going on vacations to visit their own family and other parts.

We have an investigator who is preparing very well for her back to them this week. She had already received all the lessons when we came to this area so we just had to help her go to church a couple more times, Esta bien preparada Ella.

I love my area. We eat more fish here. It's really green. We get good exercise running up and down apartment building stairs. Our ward is great! Our house is huge. I am sweaty all the time. It rains a good amount. There are geckos and toads and beautiful plants. We can see the ocean when we are up in the tall buildings. A lady in our ward has a squirrel for a pet. My companion is great. There are almond, mango and lime trees everywhere. The food is great as always!

I love to be a missionary! The Lord gives you so many opportunities to learn and to grow. Something that I learned this week was in 4th Nephi. When people are humble they are righteous, when they start thinking that they are better than others is when the iniquity comes. It is so important that we can be humble and grateful and willing to give what we have to others. Also humble enough to admit when we make a mistake. Humble enough to be exactly honest in every situation. Humble enough to keep the commandments of the Lord. Humble enough to try something new. Humility makes us moldable so the Lord can make us into what he needs us to be.

My dear family… I am learning lots and loving it! I hope you guys are too! I love you!

Hermana Taylor

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