Monday, January 5, 2015



Mi familia!!!

So this week was super! We found some new people to teach that we think are going to progress bien! We have an investigator that came to church yesterday and we went later in the day to visit her and she was asking us her questions about the testimonies and everything and she mentioned how one of the sisters was crying to have the gospel in her life that she was caught up in her emotions and our investigator was really impacted by that and she told us how her life would be different if she had accepted the gospel earlier in her life and it was all just really spiritual and powerful and this was an investiagator that was having a hard time accepting to be baptized but she finally accepted a baptism date!! wow!! Our testimonies are powerful, they can make a difference. THis week we have also been asking the Lord to put His chosen people in our path and we find that there are more and more people we talk to everyday that want to hear the gospel and they are excited about it! Even people that we have talked to before that didn{t accept the first time!!! It is so great!! I love the gospel so much!!! I love my Heavenly Father and I love to be here in His work!! I love you!!!

Hermana Taylor

Thats us with a sister that is a return missionary, she helps us out a lot!!

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