Monday, January 5, 2015



Mi Familia!!!

This week was great and Christmas was fun! We are finding lots of new people to teach! This week I was thinking a lot about the time that I have left in the mission and wow it has gone by so fast. I hope that I can keep improving and really serve the Lord with all my corazon, mente, alma , y fuerza! Today we were watching the restoration movie that they show in salt lake while we were eating in our house and writing and stuff and by the time it ended I could not just help but feel so much Joy. I guess you could say a fulness of joy. I am so grateful to be here as a missionary of Jesus Christ, I am so grateful to be a witness of the Restored Gospel, I am so grateful for the oportunities that my Father in Heaven has given me to share His gospel with His children and for the opportunities that He keeps giving me! I am so grateful for repentence and that we can become pure even as Christ is. I am so grateful for my eternal family! I could go on and on and on forever! I also learned today that when we feel true joy is when we feel real gratitude. I hope you all can take the time to be grateful for all your many blessings this year and then make plans, or goals, to show your gratefulness to the Lord in the year to come!

I love you guys so much!
Love, Hermana Taylor

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