Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This week was great!!!


Mi familia!!

So as we were entering the internet cafe to write you guys a man was hauling a cows head from a truck full of meet and across the street to the carniceria that is next to the cafe. His uniform WAS white but covered in red. Something I have never seen before...
Anyways, this week was great!!! We have an investigator that is preparing for baptism and he just needs a little help with reading his scriptures more. He is doing everything but that, so we were helping him out a little bit this week so he can be baptized! He has been working for a while to be baptized and he really has a desire to be baptized and be a strong member in the church so We we're teaching him about reading the scriptures and I just had my testimony confirmed of how important it is to read the scriptures to stay strong in the church. We need to know and love the word of God to be strong in the church, we need the strength that the scriptures give us to overcome temptation and do what is right, they really are a map for our lives.
Also, yesterday we were teaching a catholic lady that we have been teaching for a while and we asked her if she had asked specifically about jose smith and she said no so we taught her how important it is to know that he was a profet so that she can gain a testimony of the church. At the end of the lesson she asked in her prayer, "I ask that you can give me an answer so that I can give an answer too." .... It is so important that when we say our prayers we also have the intention to act after and "give an answer to our Heavenly Father". I really liked the way she said it. Well thats about it for this week. I hope you are  all doing great!!!
I love you!!
Hermana Taylor

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